The Hornets JV team will take next week off, so we figured this was a great chance to check in on the club and see their progress. The while idea of  JV squad isn’t built around wins so there’s much more below the 1-6 record. JV Coach Tim Bruns and Head Varsity Coach Bubba Dotson have moved a number of players up and back between JV and Varsity to fill certain holes at the highest levels. The other major focus for any JV team is individual progress and when we caught up to Coach Bruns, he was extremely excited with the improvement he’s seen not just since the first game, but since the first practices all those months ago. Here’s what Coach Bruns had to say about the improvement of the JV squad:

At the beginning of the year, the expectations were in place through #NorthtownWINS. The players signed the contract saying that success would be achieved through perfect effort and attitude on and off the field. Through the early parts of the JV baseball season the team has shown strides towards these virtues on every pitch. When you come out to the game you can see that every player is making the best of every opportunity given. Whether they are a non-starter behind the fence or the starting left fielder the team has bought into their sense of the community. There is not one person that has not contributed to the success of the JV team so far this season. The great part about the team is that they want to perfect every tool in their baseball toolbox. When practice starts they take direction are excited to get the next opportunity to execute their new skills. Different players have stepped up as servant leaders and bought into the system for the process of the future. All of the pitchers have done exactly what they have been asked to do, THROW STRIKES. The squad has gone from me’s to a group of we’s and it is noticeable in how they play.

Buying into the system is a consistent theme amongst the C-Team, JV, and Varsity squads and those who buy-in are the ones who will succeed.

The JV has five more games this season and their next one is a biggie. They take on their rival, Oak Park at T-Bones Stadium on April 23 at 4:30. A great opportunity to showcase a club on the rise in 2018.

Here are just a few of the highlights captured from the JV team this season:

[Photos by Chris Kamler and Kara Kamler]

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