At the baseball banquet, Head Coach Bubba Dotson along with his coaching staff announced the following awards given to players that not only put up good numbers on the field, but also exemplified the integrity and spirit necessary for Northtown to excel.


  • Defensive Player of the Year: Ryan Sparks
  • Commitment Award: Spencer Carney
  • Communication Award: Cameron Gentry
  • Coachability Award: Nicholas Ward
  • Competitiveness Award: Ezra Ball


  • Commitment Award: Miller Thomas
  • Communication Award: Skylar Carey
  • Coachability Award: Raymond Tyner
  • Competitiveness Award: Brett Kamler


  • Offensive Player Of the Year: Kyle Gaines
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Bryan Gallen
  • Pitcher of the Year: Kyle Gaines
  • Most Improved Player: Grant Lorenzen
  • Most Valuable Player: Gaines

And the winner of the first annual #NorthtownWINS award, which spotlights excellence on and off the field was Blake Eversole.

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