Who Will Hold Hornet Hit Title?

At the half-way mark of the season, the Hornet hit title is still very much up for grabs. There are currently seven Hornets within a few hits of the number one spot and the hit title is there for the taking. Junior Austin Creekmore currently stands atop the hit mountain with

C-Team Ahead of Schedule

One of the pleasant surprises this season has been the play of the C-Team made up of freshmen and sophomores. They have been on a tear winning five of their last seven games and coming within just a run of winning two more. Their season started with two incredibly close games

Hornet Highlights – Raytown Game

Here's a couple of Hornet Highlights from Monday's win over Raytown on April 1. Here's a spectacular play by third baseman Anian Nicolas https://youtu.be/MYsVDZEEpSc And here are all 10 strikeouts by Hornet pitchers against the Blue Jays. That's junior Konnor Thompson and freshman Brock McLaughlin https://youtu.be/Un0E9R0G3Nk