Pick the Winners for The Big Game

Super Bowl 54 is almost here and we’re kicking off our traditional squares fundraiser. If you’ve participated in the past, this will be very similar except that it will be online!

Don’t let that scare you. Squares are $10 and half the pool will go back to winners over 4 quarters of football. Rules and payouts are below.

This year there are three ways to pay – you must pay first, then you’ll get a link to select your squares online.

  1. Venmo – You can venmo us the payment for the number of squares you want to this link. Make sure to include your email address so we can send you your info (and winnings!)
  2. Paypal – You can Paypal us the payment for the number of squares through this link. Same as above, make sure we know who you are!
  3. Cash – If you wish to pay cash, you need to coordinate this with me and we’ll get you set up. Make sure all money is turned in by February 4. Please email me the number you’re purchasing.

Once you have paid and I have your email address, I’ll send you an invite to select your squares online through a service called OfficeFootballPool.com – look for that email with instructions and a password. Do not share the password it is for you only.

Here are the rules:

For those of you who may not know how this works we have 100 squares we sell those squares for $10 a piece. Winners are determined by the score of each quarter.  Yes we will have winners for all four quarters of the game.

For example if the score at the end of the 1st quarter is AFC team 7 and the NFC team 10 you would look for the 7 on the AFC team and the 0 for the NFC team the person who is in that square wins.  We will also be paying out for the 4 squares that touch the winning square.  This way you still have a chance to win your money back an then some.  The more changes to win hopefully the more people will play.Should the game go into overtime the score at the END of the GAME will be the winner – NOT THE END OF 4TH QUARTER.

Here is the list of payouts:

  • 1st quarter – $100 –  the winner will get $60 and each touching squares will each receive $10
  • 2nd quarter – $100 –  the winner will get $60 and each touching $10
  • 3rd quarter – $100 –  the winner will get $60 and each touching $10
  • End of Game – $200 –  the winner will get $120 and each touching $20

If you have ANY questions or problems, please email me at nkcaump@gmail.com and we’ll get it squared away!!

Disclaimer: Participation in this event is for entertainment purposes only and participants agree that their “fee” is a donation to the NKC Hornet Diamond Club. The contest does not have any affiliation or endorsement from North Kansas City High School or the North Kansas City School District.